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Sea lions on La Jolla beach, San Diego
Toxic algae blooms are a recurring natural phenomenon in Southern California, but scientists are increasingly concerned over the frequency and severity of these outbreaks, which affect wildlife such as dolphins and sea lions. (Photo/iStock.)

Q&A: Toxic algae, warming waters imperil marine life on U.S. coasts

In Southern California, toxic algae blooms are killing hundreds of dolphins and sea lions while record-high ocean temperatures threaten Florida’s coral reefs. USC experts weigh in.

Tyler Prize: Daniel Pauly and Rashid Sumaila
The 2023 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement laureates Daniel Pauly, left, and Rashid Sumaila join an illustrious group of previous winners of the Tyler Prize. The pair will be presented with the prize and the $250,000 prize at a ceremony on Friday, April 28, at USC. (Photo/Kim Bellavance)

Tyler Prize award ceremony returns to USC for its 50th anniversary

On April 28, the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement ceremony returns to its home at USC to celebrate this year’s laureates, marine biologist Daniel Pauly and economist Rashid Sumaila.

African american man inserting plug into the electric car charging socket
The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act boosted incentives for car-hungry Americans to buy electric vehicles. (Photo/iStock)

Q&A: New incentives could electrify the car market, but old roadblocks remain

California approved regulations banning the sale of new gasoline-powered cars and trucks by 2035, an action aimed at addressing climate change that could speed the nation’s transition to electric vehicles. How will incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act affect the hot electric vehicle market? USC Assistant Professor Hovig Tchalian weighs in.