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Good neighbors campaign
Posing at the Good Neighbors Campaign dinner are: Carolina Castillo, executive director of development with USC Civic Engagement; keynote speaker Ariel Caballero; USC President Carol L. Folt; and Earl Paysinger, vice president of civic engagement. (USC Photo/Shannon Ward)

Good Neighbors Campaign commemorates 25 years of serving the community

The annual dinner honoring USC faculty and staff who donated 1% of their salary featured Good Neighbors alumni and President Carol L. Folt.

USC research virtual human hand model
PhD candidate Bohan Wang and USC Viterbi Professor Jernej Barbic, from left, have developed a human hand model that could benefit areas like virtual reality, prosthetics and robotics. (Photo/Haotian Mai)

Through special effects and MRI scans, scientists develop realistic virtual human hand

Due to their complex musculoskeletal systems, animating human hands has been one of the biggest challenges in computer graphics. Now, a team of USC researchers has cracked the code.