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Native Americans occupy Alcatraz
Native Americans play basketball during their occupation of Alcatraz Island on Nov. 26, 1969. Their 19-month occupation of the island would set the basis for decades of Native American land rights activism. (Photo/Associated Press)

50 years ago, Native Americans raised awareness by reclaiming Alcatraz

USC Dornsife historians examine the Nov. 20 occupation of Alcatraz Island, which kicked off nearly two years of protest that would shape Native American land rights activism.

Google grant USC election cyberattacks
The USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership & Policy wants to help prepare state and local officials for foreseeable threats — regardless of source, origin, party or candidate targeted. (Illustration/Suzanne Boretz)

Google grant supports USC’s effort to protect elections from cyberattacks

The USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership & Policy will launch a training program in all 50 states to prepare election officials for digital attacks.

balancing stress resistance SKN-1 gene
Instead of completely deactivating a gene in an all-or-nothing approach, partially curbing its responses could strike a healthier balance between fighting infection and maintaining metabolism. (Photo/Aleksandr Simonov, Shutterstock)

Nutrition or pathogen? Balancing healthy metabolism and stress resistance

A study led by the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology indicates that the negative long-term effects of fighting off infections could be mitigated by tweaking how a specific gene directs cells to respond to stressors.