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Ryan McMullen chemistry experiment coalesced electrons
Solvated electrons (green) in the gaps between ammonia molecules (blue and white) begin to coalesce into a pair as a solution moves toward becoming metallic. (Image/Ondřej Maršálek)

A doctoral student’s suggested experiment may rewrite chemistry textbooks

Professor Stephen Bradforth took a chance on Ryan McMullen’s expensive and potentially dangerous student proposal. It’s led to a new understanding of what defines a metal — and the cover of Science magazine.

social work and LAPD partnership
Jennifer Avalos believes that police officers are being asked to do too much, without the proper training, and that the solution for communities involves social work assistance and collaboration. (Photo/iStock)

USC social work students and faculty impact law enforcement through internships

An initiative of the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work builds partnerships with law enforcement agencies, training them on officer wellness, mental health and social work practices.

WHO pandemic response
The WHO faces criticism from the Trump administration for its handling of the pandemic, but the United States did not move to mobilize a response to the crisis until two months after the organziation declared a global health emergency. (Photo/L. Cipriani, WHO)

The WHO often has been under fire, but no nation has ever moved to sever ties with it

The unprecedented U.S. pullout will leave the WHO without a major source of funding and marginalize the U.S. in the field of global health, USC Dornsife’s Andrew Lakoff says.