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Election 2020

California new senator Kamala Harris election
When provided specific names of who may replace Sen. Kamala Harris in the Senate, California Rep. Barbara Lee leads the pack. However, most voters aren’t aware of the likely top candidates. (Photo/Pixabay)

California voters want a ‘fresh and new voice’ in the U.S. Senate

With Kamala Harris poised to become vice president, almost half of California voters want someone with no experience in Washington or Sacramento to fill the Senate vacancy, the USC Schwarzenegger Institute’s latest poll finds.

Daybreak Poll USC Trump debate performance
After the presidential debate, performance ratings show that neither candidate met the relatively low expectations of voters overall, but President Donald Trump significantly underperformed. (Photo/iStock)

Voter confidence in Trump’s mental and physical fitness dropped after first debate

USC Dornsife’s Daybreak Poll also reveals a staggering two-thirds of voters plan to vote before Election Day and the way people will cast their vote is associated with their political leaning.

election cybersecurity
The cybersecurity project includes state-by-state workshops for state and local elections officials ito educate and raise awareness of cyberthreats. (Photo/Courtesy of Felicia Pratt)

As election nears, USC-led cybersecurity initiative pivots to voter education and access

The Google-funded USC Election Cybersecurity Initiative has held workshops for officials around the country, bracing them for cyberthreats. Now, they are channeling their efforts into helping voters.