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COVID-19 Experts

Covid antibody testing results
Based on the results of the first round of testing, the research team estimates that approximately 4.65% of the county’s adult population has an antibody to the virus. (Photo/Kit Karzen)

Early antibody testing suggests COVID-19 infections in L.A. County greatly exceed documented cases

USC and L.A. County Department of Public Health officials have released the preliminary results of their antibody tests, which show a surprising number of residents have been infected with the coronavirus.

asthma patients and COVID 19
Hospitals have started using albuterol inhalers with coronavirus patients, making the rescue medication harder for asthma patients to find in some areas. (Photo/Alan Levine via flickr CC BY)

For asthma patients, the novel coronavirus can be scary — here’s what you need to know

A USC allergist has answers to common questions she hears from her patients — from whether asthma inhalers could increase their risk of COVID-19 to whether nebulizers are safe or if expired inhalers are OK to use.

COVID 19 testing at pharmacies
Many pharmacies already offered testing for streptococcal and influenza infections, but it wasn’t until April 8 that U.S. pharmacies were authorized to order and administer COVID-19 tests. (Photo/iStock)

U.S. pharmacists can now test for coronavirus; they could do more if government allowed it

Steven Chen of the USC School of Pharmacy notes that the nation’s 175,000 pharmacists are frequently referred to as the most overtrained and underutilized health care professionals in America.

teaching during covid-19
“Though parents can serve as wonderful teachers for their children, we cannot expect parents to take on the level of teaching and learning that their children may need,” said US Rossier’s Eugenia Mora-Flores. (Image/Megan Garner)

Report offers new guidance on how to teach during pandemic

The report — which includes insights from 15 USC Rossier faculty members and alumni — answers questions about online learning, grading practices and how to best teach students with special needs.