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Greek flag over the Acropolis
Greece collaborated with USC Marshall and the Wharton School of Business to create “Eva,” an artificial intelligence algorithm that uses real-time data to identify high-risk visitors for testing. (Photo/Matt Kieffer)

How Greece let in tourists and kept out COVID-19

Researchers from USC and the University of Pennsylvania collaborated with a private company CEO to help Greece do more with less and curb COVID-19’s spread when the country reopened to tourists.

Weed sign
In California, dispensaries are required to screen out underage customers before they reach retail areas where cannabis marketing and products are displayed. (Photo/iStock)

Kids and cannabis: California dispensaries lack adequate screening to keep out minors, study finds

Many cannabis retailers have inadequate screening processes that allow minors to enter and view items that should be restricted to adults 21 and over, researchers at USC and University of California, San Diego, found.