USC alumni films collage
(Illustration/Max-O-Matic) (Copyright By A.M.P.A.S. (Douglas Fairbanks); Twentieth Century Fox (Star Wars); Columbia Pictures Corp./Photofest (Boyz N The Hood); Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive (Merrell Gage);Morningside Productions (Jason And The Argonauts); United Artists (Charlie Chaplin); Nbc/Photofest (Johnny Carson); Milestone Film & Video (Mary Pickford); Paramount Pictures (Titanic).)

Behind every great blockbuster film is … a Trojan?

Check the stats, and it starts to look that way. USC alumni films are bound to be successful: USC School of Cinematic Arts alumni have played crucial roles behind the camera in 21 of the 25 top-grossing domestic movies of all time.

You already recognize the movies, now meet some of the Trojans who helped create these record-breaking box-office hits.


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