USC acceptance 2020

Aspiring USC students bared their emotions all over Twitter as acceptance notifications went out, and we tracked their tweets.

Applicants for the autumn 2020 entering undergraduate class got their USC admission notification on March 26. (Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, USC Admission notified applicants only through an online portal, rather than mailing packets.) Of nearly 60,000 students who applied, 9,535 were accepted. And based on social media posts, prospective future Trojans were pretty happy about it.

Of course, we won’t know who will enroll until accepted students make their final decisions. Their deadline is May 1. We’re pretty confident, though, that several of them are in this bunch selected for our list of favorite admission celebrations.

Scroll down to see some giddy potential future USC alumni. How were these reveals chosen? Completely unscientifically. (If you want to share your own, use the #IGotIntoUSC hashtag and tag us at @TrojanFamilyMag on Twitter.)

The Family Freak-Out Festivities

The Break-Down-in-Tears Blowout

The “I’ve Waited So Long” Exhale

The Attitude of Gratitude

The Understated Celebration

The Community Alert

The This-Can’t-Be-Happening Moment

The Faculty Member Welcoming Her Daughter into the Fold

That Time the Dream Became Real

And Finally, the Gasp-Inducing Gathering

See more admissions moments on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #IGotIntoUSC.

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