Aseem Afsah
Photography by Dustin Snipes

Where are you from?

Round Rock, Texas

What are your inspirations?

I am inspired by clean fonts and classy design. Street photography and cherry blossoms. Thunderstorms and good art. Simple fashion and slow music. Penetrating quotes and creative genius.

What are you looking forward to in the World Bachelor in Business program?

Next year, I’m looking forward to simply exploring all that Hong Kong has to offer. I’m excited to meet new people and develop relationships that will last longer than the year I’m there, and I’m looking forward to going to places and experiencing things I’ve only ever read about or seen in pictures. I also hope that my location will allow me to explore other parts of East Asia since I’ll be so close. In terms of random specifics, I’m looking forward to living on a campus right next to the sea, and also to buying all sorts of unique items.

What about studying in Hong Kong and Milan?

I’m most looking forward to being able to learn in completely different contexts. The prospect is pretty scary to think about, considering the way we’ll have to adapt quickly to different environments and learning and teaching styles. However, I’m looking forward to it because I think the challenging experience will help me as well as the rest of my WBB cohort to really grow into mature global citizens.

What advice do you have for others considering the program?

My main piece of advice is to be open to new experiences and perspectives. The WBB cohort is incredibly diverse, so it’s important to try to understand everyone and their backgrounds when you’re getting to know them. Similarly, when you’re traveling it’s essential to have an open mind, especially when your values or world views contrast with those of others you may meet.

What languages do you speak?

I speak English and Spanish. I have been self-studying Korean for over a year, and have also recently begun studying Italian in preparation for junior year. I also took a conversational Mandarin class last semester, and can understand Urdu, though I can’t speak it well.

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