InSight mission to Mars NASA has set a new launch opportunity, beginning May 5, 2018, for the InSight mission to Mars. InSight is the first mission dedicated to investigating the deep interior of Mars. (Image/Courtesy of NASA, JPL-Caltech) Out of This World

A Trojan Takes the Helm of the Mars InSight Lander Mission

Geophysicist W. Bruce Banerdt of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab embarks on a 300-million mile journey to uncover the secrets of Mars.

lab for drug discovery in los angeles Michelson Hall is set up with areas for careful lab work, while open spaces encourage researchers to meet and share ideas. (Photo/ Gus Ruelas) The Miracle Mission

The Race to Discover New Drugs Ramps Up at USC

Academic researchers, family members and industry join forces to fight serious diseases. It’s what can happen at a place like the USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience.

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Hearing Loss Photo (Photo/ iStock) The Miracle Mission

Drug from USC and Harvard Scientists to Treat Hearing Loss Shows Promise

Early findings show the drug helps build connections between nerve cells. It’s not yet available for humans, but it shows potential.

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Ray Stevens Ray Stevens, Provost Professor of Biological Sciences and Chemistry/ (Photo/ Gus Ruelas) The Miracle Mission

To Tackle Diabetes, a Global Research Team Turns to 3D Modeling

Diabetes affects 400 million people around the world. Scientists hope that their models of the cells behind the disease can unlock better treatment.

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children's eye cancer treatment (Illustration/ Amy Dixon) The Miracle Mission

Children’s Eye Cancer Treatment Takes Big Step Forward

Innovative research for retinoblastoma may help children preserve their vision — and avoid risky surgery.

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Anita Sengupta USC alumna Anita Sengupta (Photo/ Noe Montes) Fast Lane

Train Travel at Supersonic Speed? A Trojan Alumna at Hyperloop Hopes to Make it Possible

USC Viterbi alumna Anita Sengupta works on a high-speed transportation system that’s like “a spacecraft flying on the ground.”

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Brady Connolly Brady Connolly lives with the condition known as phenylketonuria, or PKU. (Photo/Gus Ruelas) The Miracle Mission

Diagnosis of Rare Disorder Spurs Families to Turn to Researchers for Answers

After years with no therapies, patients with phenylketonuria, or PKU, now have an available drug and a second is awaiting approval. A USC alumnus and scientist helped make it happen.

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Making hard decisions at crossroads (Illustration/ Michael Greenwood) Decisions, Decisions

Are You Bad at Making Decisions? USC Experts Explain Why You’re Not Alone — and How to Get Better

The science of making up your mind is more complicated than you might think.

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(Illustration/ Chris Gash) (Illustration/ Chris Gash) Better with Age

To Help Seniors Stay Active, Keck Medicine Physicians Take New Approach to Healthy Aging

Doctors rethink how to treat seniors with innovative approaches for evaluating health and fitness.

8 min readHealth, Aging, Cardiovascular, Orthopedics
science of happiness illustration (Photo/Cintascotch/Room Collection/Getty Images) The Pursuit of Happiness

The Surprising Impact Happiness Has on Health, Relationships and Even the Economy

Researchers across disciplines at USC turn a scientific eye on happiness and its complex connection to our health, relationships and economy.

17 min readHumanities, Social Impact, Economics, Mental Health, Psychology
Varun Soni USC dean of religious life The Pursuit of Happiness

How to Be Happy? It May Be About Finding Purpose

Over time, many of us come to realize that we seek something beyond happiness in our lives. USC’s Varun Soni, dean of religious life, talks about the quest for meaning.

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Iovine and Young student cohort Macki Alvarez-Mena, Arjun Mehta, Nathan Wallace, Serene Boachie and Jared Bass, from left.  (Photo/Cody Pickens) Class of 2018

USC Iovine and Young Academy’s First Graduates Defy the Status Quo

Innovators, thinkers, disruptors and problem solvers: The academy’s inaugural class heads into the world ready to tackle its challenges.

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David Kirtman and Jennifer Biehn Point of Pride

Former Student-Athletes Give Back to USC Programs That Put Them on Path to Success

Meet two Trojans who are proud to support USC, even after they left the football field and golf course.

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Michael Felix Michael Felix ’83, a first-generation college graduate, is a longtime supporter of USC. The Family Man

Michael Felix is 95th President of the USC Alumni Association’s Board of Governors

The new leader wants to help other first-generation students find their place in the Trojan Family.

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Ryan Coogler and Forest Whitaker Ryan Coogler, left, with actor Forest Whitaker. (Photo/Steve Cohn) Trojan Honors

Nine Notable Trojan Leaders Honored at 2018 USC Alumni Awards

Trojan friends and family gathered to celebrate notable leaders at the 85th Annual Alumni Awards Gala.

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Illustration by Jacqui Oakley Illustration by Jacqui Oakley Tech Talk

How Twitter, Instagram and other Social Media are Transforming Diplomacy

The USC Center of Public Diplomacy’s Jay Wang weighs in on how technology is changing the rules of policymaking.

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Illustrations of three students Star Pupils

Meet 3 Astronaut Scholars Who Are Pushing the Frontiers of Science

Recipients of the prestigious Astronaut Scholarship represent some of the country’s best and brightest STEM students.

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Bolden and Munoz New Heights

USC Board of Trustees Welcomes Charles Bolden and Oscar Munoz

Both alumni of the university, the pioneering aviation leaders bring a distinguished history of leadership and experience to USC.

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Dr. Laura Mosqueda Good Medicine

Doctors Learn to Care for Themselves, and Their Patients

Laura Mosqueda was once a student at USC’s medical school. Now, as its dean, she reflects on how to prepare young doctors for a changing world.