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Ambrosia Viramontes Brody

Stories by Ambrosia Viramontes Brody:

Racial identity is changing among Latinos

Racial Identity Is Changing Among Latinos
A recent study conducted by Amon Emeka, above, and Jody Agius Vallejo, assistant professors of sociology in USC Dornsife, explores why many people with Latin American ancestry do not choose a Hispanic ethnic identification on U.S. Census surveys.

Some first-, second- and later-generation Latinos in the United States are not identifying themselves ethnically as Latino as they integrate into the fabric of American society, a recent study by the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences found.

Former Fulbright fellow views Brazil’s economy

Former Fulbright Fellow Views Brazil’s Economy
USC Dornsife alumna Dawn Powell spent her Fulbright year investigating Sino-Brazil economic relations in Brazil.

On a humid August day in Rio de Janeiro, Dawn Powell ’10 boarded a bus bound for Luís Eduardo Magalhães, an agribusiness town in western Bahia. An hour into the trip, the Fulbright scholar stood on the roadside in heels and business casual attire, watching the bus driver patiently negotiate with a group of protesters blocking the road.