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Stanley Cup’s campus visit attracts an unexpected guest: hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky

‘The Great One,’ whose career included eight seasons with the Kings, joins Lynn Swann during the trophy’s visit to Hahn Plaza

Hockey fans on the University Park Campus big day Tuesday. Not only was the Stanley Cup on display in front of Tommy Trojan, but one of the legendary players whose name is on the hockey trophy stopped by for a visit.

Wayne Gretzky, whose legendary career included eight seasons with the Los Angeles Kings and four Stanley Cup championships with the Edmonton Oilers, happened to be on campus while the cup was on display in connection with the National Hockey League All-Star Game, being played Sunday at Staples Center. Gretzky stopped for a moment to look for his name and visit with Athletic Director Lynn Swann.

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Stanley Cup’s campus visit attracts an unexpected guest: hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky

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