Quiet not so long ago, campus hotspots buzz with back-at-school energy

A few weeks ago, the University Park Campus was pretty empty. That’s no longer the case with classes back in session. Check out the photos — before and after.

August 25, 2023 USC News staff

What a difference a few days and tens of thousands of students make. Just a few weeks ago, parks of the USC University Park Campus looked like a ghost town. Now, with students settled in and classes underway, things are looking the way they should. Take a look at some of our favorite before-and-after pics. (USC Photos by Gus Ruelas)

Before: Tommy stands alone

USC campus photos: Tommy stands alone in the summer of 2023

After: Busy Bovard

USC campus photos: busy around Board

Before: Quiet fountain

USC campus photos: lonely fountain during summer 2023

After: Crowded campus

USC campus photos: fountain surrounded by people

Before: Lonely bookstore

USC campus photos: quiet bookstore

After: Back to life

USC campus photos: Bookstore steps are crowded

Before: Bike racks, but no bikes

USC campus photos: empty bike racks during summer 2023

After: Rack ’em up!

USC campus photos: Busy bike rack