One of the top college teams in the country, the USC varsity team competes in nationals every year. Its 20 members include beginners, who get tips from the club’s top players.


Team Captain

Kaylee Ho:

“I was able to stay competitive with table tennis because I had the opportunity to train with nationally and internationally ranked players every week during practice.”


Players mix rugby with dodgeball as they run with broomsticks and throw volleyballs through goal posts to score. The USC team (which adamantly emphasizes Quidditch is a sport, not a Harry Potter fan club) started in 2010 and beat 19 teams to win the 2012 Western Cup


Team Captain

Nicté Sobrino:

“We provide a new challenge for most people, since the rules are a mixture of many different sports. I’ve never met anyone who tried it and didn’t enjoy themselves.”

Dragon Boat

Founded in 2005, this student-run team with more than 40 members is one of the best in California. Originally from China, dragon boats include a rhythmic drummer, steersman and team of paddlers who compete to cross the finish line.


Team Captain

Harrison Lee:

“There is no greater feeling than to be out there on race days knowing that everyone on the boat has your back and has put in the necessary work to perform at the highest level.”

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