Michael Pheffer: "My room is a gathering place." Photo by Meiko Takechi Aquillos

Michael Pheffer

Hall: North Residential College

Major: Art

Home: Indiana

Design style: Eclectic

Nickname for his floor: “The Penthouse Penthouse”

Longest he’s stayed awake: “For 24 hours — for my art project.”

How quickly he gained the “freshman 15”: “Joining crew fall semester kept the weight off . “I think I gained more weight over winter break than at college.”

His ritual: “I get up and make my bed. It just makes your room seem cleaner.”

Room hang-up: Carelessly spilled food or drink. “Someone got chocolate on the sofa. But I couldn’t be mad because I got it out with a Tide to Go pen.”

Most special thing in the room: “There’s a bag of Skittles in my room. When I was little, my mom used to have to bribe me with Skittles to get out of the car to go to preschool. Well, she hid Skittles in my dorm room so I found them a week later when I moved in.” Another hidden bag popped up in the sock drawer.

Why live in North: “I heard it was the most social.”

Signs of his USC spirit: “Tickets and wristbands from USC football games

Shivanti Kariyawasam: "My room is my secret hideaway." Photo by Meiko Takechi Aquillos

Shivanti Kariyawasam: “My room is my secret hideaway.” Photo by Meiko Takechi Aquillos

Shivanti Kariyawasam

Hall: Pardee Tower

Major: Human development and aging

Home: California

Favorite study spot: Von KleinSmid Center Library. “You feel so happy to be in there. There’s candy and nice people.”

Nickname for her hall: “The Sorority Floor” or “The Theater Floor”

Longest she’s stayed awake: 23 hours. “I wasn’t planning to stay up that late. I stayed up until 2 a.m. talking to a high school friend and couldn’t go to sleep. My friends had to finish some work so I went to Leavey [Library] with them and stayed up till 5:30 a.m. I fell asleep there.”

How quickly she gained the “freshman 15”: “When I went home on break, people said, ‘Shivanti, you look so good.’ But my mom said, ‘You need to work out more.’ ”

Floor bond: “The fact that there are a lot of theater majors has brought the rest of us together. But having a lot of theater majors around makes me wish I could sing.”

Why live in Pardee: “It’s not known for partying, but not antisocial, either.

Signs of her USC spirit: Traveler plush toy and a USC blanket made by her grandmother

Briahna Hendey: "My room is my creative nook." Photo by Meiko Takechi Aquillos

Briahna Hendey: “My room is my creative nook.” Photo by Meiko Takechi Aquillos

Briahna Hendey

Hall: Birnkrant Residential College

Major: Biochemistry (pre-med)

Home: California

Memorable hall activity: The Tchaikovsky Spectacular at the Hollywood Bowl Nickname for her floor: “BK7”

Longest she’s stayed awake: About 48 hours. “I waited until the day before to write a 12-page paper for Russian Thought and Civilization.”

Surprising class: “Russian Civ — it fit into my schedule and I ended up loving it.”

How quickly she gained the “freshman 15”: “I’m working on avoiding it.”

Residence hall bond: Thursday night facultymaster dinners in EVK dining hall. “There’s better food and they have good speakers. They have ice cream and various kinds of cake.”

Her ritual: “I try to make my bed every day because it’s something I haven’t done up to point.”

Trips around LA: The Santa Monica Pier, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the La Brea Tar Pits

Why live in Birnkrant: During her Explore USC program for freshmen at USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, “everyone was pro-Birnkrant. It’s about working hard and playing hard.”

Signs of her USC spirit: USC foam finger, USC pins (gift from grandma) and Traveler plush toy