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USC Dornsife new general education classes
This Renaissance painting by Vittore Carpaccio, titled Hunting on the Lagoon (ca. 1490; Venice, Italy), shows Venetian bird hunters. Painted in oils on a wooden panel, the hinges and latch suggest it once served as a decorative window shutter or the door of a cabinet. (Image/Vittore Carpaccio, Courtesy of the Getty‘s Open Content Program)

From the Italian Renaissance to the stars, an exciting approach to fulfilling GEs

Two new USC Dornsife general education courses offer students a richer, broader way to learn and to acquire diverse academic skills.

Ryan McMullen chemistry experiment coalesced electrons
Solvated electrons (green) in the gaps between ammonia molecules (blue and white) begin to coalesce into a pair as a solution moves toward becoming metallic. (Image/Ondřej Maršálek)

A doctoral student’s suggested experiment may rewrite chemistry textbooks

Professor Stephen Bradforth took a chance on Ryan McMullen’s expensive and potentially dangerous student proposal. It’s led to a new understanding of what defines a metal — and the cover of Science magazine.