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Molecular Biology

imaging insulin producing pancreatic cells
Different imaging approaches provide unique layers of information on cellular structure. Soft X-ray tomography provides a map of organelles within an intact cell, while cryo-electron tomography provides high-resolution windows into specific cellular neighborhoods within a cell. (Illustration/Katya Kadyshevskaya)

To better understand diabetes, scientists gaze inside insulin-producing pancreatic cells

A USC-led team has developed advanced imaging techniques that allow for a uniquely detailed glimpse inside the body’s insulin factories.

Acinetobacter baumannii superbug treatment
Using an innovative screening method, USC researchers have discovered that an old antibiotic is a powerful tool against one of the most drug-resistant causes of infection among hospitalized patients. (Photo/Matthew J. Arduino, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Antibiotic used to treat tuberculosis could be surprise treatment for deadly superbug

Through a new screening method, USC researchers have found that the antibiotic rifabutin is effective against life-threatening Acinetobacter baumannii.