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Illustration: Greece and COVID
Greece collaborated with USC Marshall and the Wharton School of Business to create “Eva,” an artificial intelligence algorithm that uses real-time data to identify high-risk visitors for testing. (Photo/iStock)

How Greece let in tourists and kept out COVID-19

Researchers from USC and the University of Pennsylvania collaborated with a private company CEO to help Greece do more with less and curb COVID-19’s spread when the country reopened to tourists.

getting more Americans vaccinated
For many Black Americans and Latinos, factors like where they live and whether or not they have access to a car or transit are keeping them from getting vaccinated. (Illustration/iStock)

The latest public health challenge: getting more Americans vaccinated

About 40% of eligible Americans ages 12 and up remain unvaccinated for COVID-19, according to the CDC. USC researchers explain who the unvaccinated might be, as well as the challenges in persuading people to get their shots.

Latinos COVID-19 racial ethnic disparities
Latino patients had starkly higher odds of a positive COVID-19 test — as well as higher odds of hospitalization and death — than white patients, a USC study finds. (Illustration/iStock)

Latinos are more likely to die from COVID-19, underlining racial and ethnic disparities in outcomes

Though the study of racially diverse Medicaid patients indicated disproportionate risk among Latinos, USC researchers say it can’t be explained by higher rates of poverty or underlying health factors like obesity.