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Illustration: Greece and COVID
Greece collaborated with USC Marshall and the Wharton School of Business to create “Eva,” an artificial intelligence algorithm that uses real-time data to identify high-risk visitors for testing. (Photo/iStock)

How Greece let in tourists and kept out COVID-19

Researchers from USC and the University of Pennsylvania collaborated with a private company CEO to help Greece do more with less and curb COVID-19’s spread when the country reopened to tourists.

getting more Americans vaccinated
For many Black Americans and Latinos, factors like where they live and whether or not they have access to a car or transit are keeping them from getting vaccinated. (Illustration/iStock)

The latest public health challenge: getting more Americans vaccinated

About 40% of eligible Americans ages 12 and up remain unvaccinated for COVID-19, according to the CDC. USC researchers explain who the unvaccinated might be, as well as the challenges in persuading people to get their shots.