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imaging insulin producing pancreatic cells
Different imaging approaches provide unique layers of information on cellular structure. Soft X-ray tomography provides a map of organelles within an intact cell, while cryo-electron tomography provides high-resolution windows into specific cellular neighborhoods within a cell. (Illustration/Katya Kadyshevskaya)

To better understand diabetes, scientists gaze inside insulin-producing pancreatic cells

A USC-led team has developed advanced imaging techniques that allow for a uniquely detailed glimpse inside the body’s insulin factories.

WHO pandemic response
The WHO faces criticism from the Trump administration for its handling of the pandemic, but the United States did not move to mobilize a response to the crisis until two months after the organziation declared a global health emergency. (Photo/L. Cipriani, WHO)

The WHO often has been under fire, but no nation has ever moved to sever ties with it

The unprecedented U.S. pullout will leave the WHO without a major source of funding and marginalize the U.S. in the field of global health, USC Dornsife’s Andrew Lakoff says.