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Research: Tsimane woman
The Tsimané live much as they have for generations, offering researchers insights about the health benefits of a hunter-forager-farmer lifestyle. (Photo/Courtesy of Tsimané Health and Life History Project Team)

For clues to healthy brain aging, look to the Bolivian Amazon

USC research finds that the daily lives of people in the Indigenous Tsimané and Mosetén communities resemble those of pre-industrial societies and may provide clues for preventing heart disease and cognitive decline.

cardiovascular drugs reduce dementia risk
Though there are no drugs that can treat Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, even small delays in onset that have been linked to statins and other blood pressure medicines can dramatically reduce the burden dementia on patients, caregivers and the health system as a whole. (Photo/iStock)

Certain combinations of cardiovascular drugs may reduce dementia risk

In a first, a USC study has shown that drugs already being used for blood pressure and cholesterol control could provide benefits for Alzheimer’s and other dementias.