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Student Life

Student Life
New USC graduate Jacqueline Martinez and mom Argelia Rosas
USC Dornsife College graduating senior Jacqueline Martinez's parents worked overnight cleaning to support their family and pave the way for their daughter to attend USC. She is pictured on campus with her mother, Argelia Rosas, May 4, 2022. (USC Photo/Gus Ruelas)

Parents, as they often do, create the foundation of USC student’s success

COMMENCEMENT 2022: Jacqueline Martinez will receive bachelor’s and master’s degrees on Friday, thanks to her mom and dad’s loving support.

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a large - scale tuna sculpture on a chopping board, composed out of recyclable, unrecyclable, and combustible mat erials: paper, cardboard, and plastics. It is being prepared, chopped, and consumed by anonymous, grey human hands coming off from the floor: one hand holding chopsticks, another holding forks
Untitled (2021) by Listy Gao ’25 portrays her concern over the dismal state of today’s oceans: overfishing, microplastics and waste pollution. The large-scale tuna is composed of recyclable, unrecyclable, and combustible materials: paper, cardboard, and plastics. (Photo courtesy of Listy Gao)

Art Reflects Two Worlds: One of Peril, One of Possibilities

Students from USC Roski School of Art and Design use their creative talents to reflect on nature, how it has endured, how it struggles, and most important, how humankind has used—and misused—it.