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Women's athletics and Title IX: Julie Rousseau
Julie Rousseau spreads the word about the Women of Troy, an affinity group within the athletic department devoted to promoting and developing USC’s renowned women’s athletics program. (Photo/Courtesy of Julie Rousseau)

The Women of Troy: How USC’s female student-athletes are using their voices and making history

As Women’s History Month wraps up and the 50th anniversary of Title IX approaches, USC Athletics’ Julie Rousseau discusses the role of women student-athletes in the fight for equality. 

Executive Order 9066
Executive Order 9066 sent thousands of Japanese immigrants and Japanese American citizens to detention facilities during World War II. (Photo/Thad Zajdowicz)

A family’s old steamer trunk holds links to a dark period from the past

The 80th anniversary of President Franklin Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066, which unjustly sent thousands of Japanese Americans to confinement camps, offers a chance to reflect on past mistakes and to consider what it means to be American.