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Menu Monday, April 22, 2019


Affordable drug policy
Sovaldi, shown here packaged for sale in France, is a hepatitis C treatment that is has gotten good results but costs up to $84,000 for a 12-week treatment in the United States. (Photo/Shutterstock)

A new way to pay for innovative drugs, provide universal access — and not break the bank

USC’s Neeraj Sood backs a novel approach in which a state contracts with a single manufacturer for a specific drug at a fixed rate, then can obtain as many pills as it needs. Louisiana is putting it to the test.

Cerebral palsy in infants
USC researcher Barbara Sargent‘s study is monitoring a baby‘s inability to bend hip, knee and ankle independently of each other in hopes of finding a way to diagnose cerebral palsy earlier. (Photo/Shutterstock)

Researcher’s goal: Detect cerebral palsy in infants earlier than ever before

USC’s Barbara Sargent is studying whether a particular type of movement can be used to diagnose cerebral palsy in early infancy — work that could have a huge impact on how the babies learn to walk.