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Suzanne Wu

Suzanne Wu is the former director of research communications at USC.

Stories by Suzanne Wu:

Renowned scientists lead cluster hire of new Trojans

Arthur Toga and Paul Thompson, along with a number of faculty, researchers and staff in the field of brain mapping and neuroimaging, will join USC in the fall.

USC is about to get even brainier. Already a leading center for research on the neurological basis of emotion, the university announced on May 10 a major cluster hire of about 110 faculty, researchers and multidisciplinary staff in the field of brain mapping and neuroimaging.

Why do the Caribbean islands arc?

Using earthquake data, USC earth scientists model the movement of the Earth to a depth of 3,000 kilometers and provide new insights into the strength of continents. Shown here is a tectonic map of the southeastern Caribbean. (Image/Courtesy of Meghan Miller and Thorsten Becker)

The Caribbean islands have been pushed east over the last 50 million years, driven by the movement of the Earth’s viscous mantle against the more rooted South American continent, reveals new research by geophysicists at USC.