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Michelle Boston

Michelle Boston

Michelle Boston is a senior communication specialist in the USC Dornsife Communication Office. She covers student, faculty and alumni news from across the sciences, social sciences and humanities. Her work is featured in USC Dornsife print publications and on the web. She also manages USC Dornsife’s social media presence and connects the media with USC Dornsife’s faculty experts.

Stories by Michelle Boston:

Pokemon language brain processing
Justice Smith as Tim Goodman, Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu and Kathryn Newton as Lucy Stevens in ”Pokémon Detective Pikachu,” released just as USC researchers study how “pokemonikers” reflect how the human mind handles language.(Photo/Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures)

What can Pokémon character names teach us about language?

With Pikachu back on the big screen, USC researchers are taking a serious look at the linguistics of the Pokémon universe to better grasp how the brain processes language.