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Beth Newcomb

Stories by Beth Newcomb:

COVID-19 end of life planning
When a conversation is approached with thoughtfulness, preparation and love, participants likely will be grateful for the resulting clarity and reassurance that they understand a loved one‘s wishes for care at end of life, says Susan Enguídanos. (Photo/Stocksy United)

As COVID-19 spreads, end-of-life planning is more important than ever

The seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic should encourage conversations about care preferences and end-of-life wishes, says an associate professor at the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology.

intergenerational programs
The media narrative about stereotypical behaviors and risk-taking can prevent older and younger generations from working together, says USC expert Paul Nash. (Photo/iStock)

Bridging generational divides can help people of all ages fight COVID-19

COVID-19 media coverage has largely pitted younger people against those whose age makes them more vulnerable to the virus. But USC gerontologists say intergenerational programs that efforts to bring seniors and young people together in everyday life could build more understanding.