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Students create new games overnight at Getty Museum

Getty Game Jam challenges Trojans to generate projects over a short span of time

The Getty Game Jam, hosted by the J. Paul Getty Museum, allows USC School of Cinematic Arts students to stay overnight at the Los Angeles location and participate in a 24-hour game-making marathon.

Ten projects emerged from the event, ranging from a simulation featuring sapient paintings to a search for hidden symbols.

Coming in first place was The Daguerreotype Process, which demonstrated old photography practices through an interactive, 3-D walkthrough of the steps needed to take and develop a photograph. As a bonus, players could take a selfie while playing and have it be the photograph featured during the game.

A Walk at Dusk, an interactive interpretation of the painting of the same name by German artist Caspar David Friedrich, took second place. Decorative Arts claimed third with a 3-D recreation of an antique chandelier. Honorable mention went to Finding Fortune, Symbols and Sheep, an I-Spy-type game featuring Salvator Rosa’s painting “Allegory of Fortune.”

Other projects were Gettydrifter, a “dreamy experience” in which the player can talk to art; Locked in the Letter Rack, a point-and-click puzzle game based on the Vittore Carpaccio painting “Hunting on the Lagoon”; #GettyTravelers, a reality game in which the player goes on a scavenger hunt for works of art; and & the Dragon, an interactive game telling the legend of Saint George and the Dragon.

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Students create new games overnight at Getty Museum

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