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Michael Siegel named president of American College of Nuclear Medicine

Michael Siegel

Michael E. Siegel, USC’s director of nuclear medicine since 1982, has been elected president of the American College of Nuclear Medicine.

Immediately prior to being elected to the one-year position at the college’s annual meeting in early February in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Siegel learned that his peers also named him one of “The Best Doctors in America.”

The “Best Doctors in America” listing recognizes physicians who are leaders in their field, as well as those to whom other doctors would send their own family members.

As president of the nuclear medicine college, Siegel will help organize its annual meeting, communicate with other medical societies, oversee operations of the various college committees and represent the college on American Medical Association committees.

“It’s very rewarding that someone thinks you can do a good job and nominates you for something like this,” said Siegel, 56, of Century City, who is a professor of radiology at the School of Medicine. “On the other hand, it’s a big commitment. I’ll have to work 25 hours a day instead of 24 hours.”

Siegel previously served as the college’s secretary, treasurer and vice president. He said he is particularly excited about the college’s plans to begin publishing an internet-based journal, which will allow readers to access articles instantly rather than having to wait several months for them to be published in print form.

Siegel is renowned for helping pioneer a radiation treatment for removing irritated joint lining in hemophiliacs that costs 70 times less than surgery. He also has used nuclear medicine techniques to predict the healing ability of ulcers caused by a lack of blood flow.

Before coming to USC 22 years ago, Siegel was an assistant professor and a National Institutes of Health Fellow at Johns Hopkins University; and an NIH Fellow in radiology at Temple University. He graduated from the University of Chicago Medical School after receiving his undergraduate degree from Cornell University.

Michael Siegel named president of American College of Nuclear Medicine

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