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Trustees Elect CEO of Feeling Fine

David F. Brubaker

DAVID F. BRUBAKER, president and chief executive officer of the Feeling Fine Co., a marketer of nutritional supplements, has been elected to the USC board of trustees. He is also president-elect of USC’s Alumni Association and will assume that office in June 2000.

“David F. Brubaker offers everything that we look for in a USC trustee,” President Steven B. Sample said. “He is a noted civic leader and a person with a deep concern for this university and its mission. He is an energetic and dedicated alumnus of USC. We look forward to his leadership as a trustee.”

Founded in 1997 by Brubaker and physician Art Ulene, the Feeling Fine Co. works to improve public health. Based in Marina del Rey, the firm markets “Dr. Art Ulene’s Nutritional Formulas” and distributes educational books and home video and audio programs focusing on wellness and health maintenance topics.

BRUBAKER IS the former chairman and founder of Leiner Health Products, the nation’s largest manufacturer of vitamins, minerals and nutritional food supplements and the second-largest manufacturer and distributor of store-brand over-the-counter drug products.

A native Angeleno, Brubaker started Leiner Health Products in 1973 as a subsidiary of P. Leiner & Sons Ltd., a British corporation. Directing a leveraged buyout in 1979, he took the company public in 1985. Leiner products are distributed in more than 50,000 retail outlets, and the company’s flagship brand, Your Life, does more than $100 million in mass-market sales per year.

Brubaker is chairman of the advisory committee of the Coby Brubaker Children’s Foundation and a member of the corporate advisory committee of the Helen Keller Institute. Through such agencies as UNICEF, Operation USA, Save the Children, AmeriCares and other humanitarian organizations, his companies have donated vitamin supplements to children in developing countries throughout the world.

At USC, Brubaker is chairman of the board of USC/Kenneth Norris Jr. Cancer Hospital, a presidential member of USC Associates, a life member of Cardinal and Gold, a member of the Marshall School of Business visiting committee, and a member of the Skull and Dagger Honor Society.

Trustees Elect CEO of Feeling Fine

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