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Houses hit the road: Victorians preserved by moving a few blocks away

Middle-of-the-night relocations preserve two turn-of-the-century homes

Home being moved
The Victorian home heads to its new home, a few blocks farther from the USC University Park Campus. (USC Photo/Mike Baker)

It’s not every day you see a house heading down the street, but that happened twice this week just north of the University Park Campus.

Two turn-of-the-century Victorian homes were spared the wrecking ball, instead moving to new locations a few blocks away.

USC needs the homes’ original location, so the university relocated the historic buildings from Royal Street to a vacant lot on Portland Street. The homes were moved in the wee hours of Wednesday and Friday morning; they’ll be restored as community housing.

The project is a collaboration between USC, the University Park Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, the West Adams Heritage Association and Southland Development, a for-profit organization that works to provide quality community housing.

Home being moved

The second of two Victorian homes begins its move from Royal Street to Portland Street early Friday morning. (USC Photo/Mike Baker)


Resident watch house being moved

Residents of Portland Street greet their new neighbor. (USC Photo/Mike Baker)


House being moved

Workers help the house settle in at its new location on Portland Street. (USC Photo/Mike Baker)

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Houses hit the road: Victorians preserved by moving a few blocks away

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