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Faculty Named to Renaissance Scholar Panel

by Melissa Payton

A FACULTY PANEL has been formed to certify undergraduates as potential USC Renaissance Scholars, an honor designed to recognize students who have distinguished themselves in two or more widely separated fields of study.

To be considered for the honor, students must first submit their course of study to the panel, which will evaluate it for breadth and depth. The process could begin anytime from the sophomore year through the end of the junior year.

Students who have been certified as meeting the breadth and depth criteria will receive the Renaissance Scholar honor if they graduate within five years of undergraduate study with an overall grade-point average of 3.5 or better and a GPA of 3.5 or better in their major and minor course requirements.

In addition, as many as 20 Renaissance Scholars annually can win a $10,000 USC Renaissance Scholar Prize at commencement. The prize – believed the first of its kind in American higher education – will be awarded for the first time this spring.

To be considered for the prize, certified Renaissance Scholars in their senior year must submit faculty recommendations and an essay explaining how studies in divergent fields have advanced the scholar’s intellectual, social and professional development.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on the certification process, students should go to the Renaissance Scholar Web site at or contact Katharine Harrington, director of undergraduate programs, at 740-1741. Students can apply for certification on line at the Web site.

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