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Looking back in pictures: How was your first year at USC?

There’s nothing quite like your first year at USC. We caught up with three freshmen who we met back in August to give you a candid look at their adventures throughout the school year. Sophomore year? Bring it on!

Natalie Raphael:
“Quirky is an asset, not a liability,” she told us as she prepared to begin her time at USC.

(Photo Courtesy Natalie Raphael)

… enjoying herself at Phi Psi fraternity (Photo/Courtesy of Natalie Raphael)


Natalie and Talia Alkalay. (Photo Courtesy Natalie Raphael)

… with Talia Alkalay at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (Photo/Courtesy of Natalie Raphael)


Natalie, Alex Spring, Lani Renaldo, and Dylan Pham at KXSC student run radio station. Natalie is the publication director at KXSC (Photo Courtesy Natalie Raphael)

… with Alex Spring, Lani Renaldo and Dylan Pham at KXSC, where she is publication director (Photo/Courtesy of Natalie Raphael)


(Photo Courtesy Natalie Raphael)

… on her own, in Rome (Photo/Courtesy of Natalie Raphael)

Amri Rigby:
Part of the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy’s inaugural class, he told us, “I want to ask questions, experience the power of teams, and find creative solutions to problems.”

People: Amri Rigby, May Yang, Sian Ye Caption: Amri enjoys Catalina Island with his friends while on a fellowship trip

… with friends May Yang and Sian Ye on Catalina Island (Photo/Courtesy of Amri Rigby)


Amri Rigby, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine

… with the founders of the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy, Dr. Dre (Young, left) and Iovine (Photo/Courtesy of Amri Rigby)


Rowing Team.jpg People: Max Miceli, Amri Rigby, Stephen Wood, Steve McAfee, Duke Dunham, Kevin Vasquez, Bernie Ortiz, David  Caption: Amri and USC crew row as hard as they can during their first 5k meter race

… with fellow rowing team members (Photo/Courtesy of Amri Rigby)


10/18/14 Los Angeles, CA USC Alumni Association Homecoming Photo by: Steve Cohn

… at Homecoming (USC Photo/Steve Cohn)

Newal Osman:
“[Some people] want me to apologize for being black, Muslim and a woman,” she says, “but I won’t. I’m happy.”

"I know who you want me to apologize for being black, Muslim, and a woman, but I won't. I'm happy" #ITooAmUSC (Photo/Corey Deshon)

… on campus (Photo/Corey Deshon)


2 semesters later and I already found my fam <3 #MuslimStudentUnionBoard2015 (Photo/Courtesy Newal Osman)

… with her “new family,” the Muslim Student Union board (Photo/Courtesy of Newal Osman)


"Everyone wants to shine, so we go to LACMA" (Photo/Newal Osman)

… at LACMA (Photo/Courtesy of Newal Osman)


Newal Osman

… striking a pose behind a cutout ((Photo/Courtesy of Newal Osman)

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Looking back in pictures: How was your first year at USC?

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