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‘What’s Working’ initiative delivers first showcase report

Partnership between Huffington Post and USC Annenberg puts student work in the spotlight

A partnership between the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and The Huffington Post has produced its first showcase piece: A video report by journalism student Kate Flexter that appeared on the national news website as of March 31.

Kate Flexter

Kate Flexter’s report was published on The Huffington Post on March 31 as part of USC Annenberg’s partnership with the website.

The report, “When this kid asked for a new book, local police gave him a whole library,” details USC Department of Public Safety Chief John Thomas’ work to create a Little Free Library in the University Gardens complex near the University Park Campus and how those efforts helped one young boy.

It’s the first report to publish as part of “What’s Working,” a challenge by Arianna Huffington to USC Annenberg students. Stories are produced via USC Annenberg’s news sites Neon Tommy, Annenberg Radio News, Annenberg TV News, Intersections and USC Impact.

When the initiative was announced in February,  USC Annenberg journalism school Director and Huffington Post Senior Editor Willow Bay told students: “We want you to change the world with your journalism – but also to change the world of journalism. This is your opportunity to do both.”

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‘What’s Working’ initiative delivers first showcase report

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