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Post-Midterms: The Pulse of Californians

After a midterm election that saw Republicans make big gains, a new USC College/L.A. Times Poll peeks into the minds of California voters, with a special look at Latinos and Asian Americans. How did they vote? What do they think of immigration? What should Governor-
Elect Jerry Brown tackle first?

After a hard-fought midterm election that saw Republicans make significant gains, the USC College/Los Angeles Times Poll being released today will peek into the minds of Californians. The new poll features a significant oversample of Latino and Asian American voters, who now make up about a quarter of California’s registered voters.

Hot topics addressed include:

  • How did Latinos and Asian Americans vote in the races for California governor and U.S. Senate?
  • In order to reduce the state’s budget deficit, where do Californians think we should cut state spending?
  • What do California voters believe should be the top priorities for Governor-Elect Jerry Brown?
  • Looking ahead to future elections, how do California voters feel about immigration reform, gay marriage, and the environment?

Full poll results will be posted at today.

Members of the media can reserve a spot in a phone conference with USC political analysts taking place today at 10 a.m. Pacific, by emailing

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Post-Midterms: The Pulse of Californians

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