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Ming Hsieh elected to National Academy of Engineering

USC Viterbi dean lauds the recognition of the trustee’s impact in technology and engineering

Ming Hsieh, USC trustee, USC Viterbi alumnus
Entrepreneur Ming Hsieh endowed the largest department at the USC Viterbi School of Engineeering. (Photo/courtesy of USC Viterbi)

USC Trustee Ming Hsieh ’83, MS ’84 has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering, one of the highest professional honors accorded an engineer.

“I am very humbled and excited to be a member of the academy,” Hsieh said. “It is a great honor to be recognized by the highest national engineering organization. I deeply appreciate and would like to share this recognition with my beloved USC, industrial colleagues and family and friends for the education, inspiration and support provided to me during the past 35 years.”

Hsieh is a self-made entrepreneur from China. His life in the United States began with a dream, planted long before he ever left his mainland China hometown of Shenyang to seek a better education and make a difference in the world.

His uncle, P.Y. Hsieh, had left China and earned a Master of Science in mechanical engineering at USC in 1952, fueling Hsieh’s aspirations to follow in his footsteps.

In 1980, after two years of college at the South China Institute of Technology, now known as the South China University of Technology, Hsieh used the inheritance that his grandparents in Taiwan left him to emigrate and enroll in USC’s engineering program as a 24-year-old transfer student. He subsequently earned a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and a Master of Science in electrical engineering.

Soon after graduating, Hsieh founded AMAX Information Technologies, a computer server and storage systems company, in 1985. Five years later, he founded the Pasadena-based Cogent Inc., which revolutionized automated fingerprint identification.

Taking on cancer through research

He is currently the president and founder of Fulgent Therapeutics, which focuses on cancer drug research, personalized cancer treatments and genetic diagnostics.

All of us at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering are thrilled by this recognition.

Yannis C. Yortsos

In 2006, Hsieh endowed the USC Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering, the USC Viterbi’s largest and oldest department. And in 2010, he established the Ming Hsieh Institute for Engineering Medicine for Cancer, which supports research at the intersection of engineering, medicine and science in the quest to cure cancer.

“It is really wonderful to see that Ming Hsieh’s technological and engineering impact is aptly recognized through his election to the NAE,” said USC Viterbi Dean Yannis C. Yortsos. “All of us at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering — and particularly in electrical engineering, the department which carries his name — are thrilled by this recognition.”

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Ming Hsieh elected to National Academy of Engineering

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