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‘Safety first’ is message of Pharmacy’s ‘Kids Day 2000’

Seventh graders from Stevenson Middle School play an oversized board game designed to point out the dangers of household poisons

On April 14, seventh graders from Stevenson Middle School rolled some giant dice in order to learn how not to gamble with their health.

The poison prevention game–a scaled-up version of Monopoly–was but one of the creative ways students from the School of Pharmacy found to present crucial public health messages to the 140 middle schoolers attending KIDS’ DAY 2000.

KIDS’ DAY 2000 was the third annual running of this day-long, student-led community outreach program. This year-s event was sponsored by Skull and Mortar, the School of Pharmacy’s service organization, and Glaxo-Wellcome. Its faculty advisor was Stan Louie, associate professor of clinical pharmacy.

“The point was to expose inner city youth to topics that are relevant at their age,” said Donna Daigdigan, the event coordinator and a second-year student in the School of Pharmacy. “That’s why we talked about things like poison prevention, safe sex, substance abuse and anti-gang life. We also had an interactive career fair, so that the kids could see that there are other options open to them.”

Each year, a different school from the Los Angeles area is chosen to participate in the program to ensure that its message reaches as many different regions as possible, said Daigdigan.

The response from both the students and their teachers was ” really positive, ” she added. “They filled out evaluation sheets talking about the things they learned, and you could tell that each of them really took something concrete away with them.”

‘Safety first’ is message of Pharmacy’s ‘Kids Day 2000’

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