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Tommy Trojan already under wraps — for his own good

With the big USC-UCLA game next on the schedule, the campus icon gets some protection

Tommy Trojan is wrapped, duck taped and guarded leading up to homecoming week, Friday, November 14, 2014,
Tommy Trojan is duct-taped for protection as the Nov. 22 football game with rival UCLA approaches. Astyn Charles stands guard. (USC Photo/Gus Ruelas)

Tommy Trojan is getting some early protection this year.

Although the Nov. 22 football game against rival UCLA was more than a week away, on Friday the USC campus icon was already duct-taped for safekeeping. Both schools are already looking ahead to the big game, since neither team plays this weekend (USC beat Cal on Thursday night, and UCLA has a bye week).

Tommy Trojan isn’t alone: Across Hahn Plaza, the Traveler statue is also taped up. And at the edge of campus near Exposition Park, the statue of George Tirebiter — the university’s unofficial first mascot — is in the doghouse, literally: A wooden structure protects him.

This year’s rivalry game takes place at the Rose Bowl.

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Tommy Trojan already under wraps — for his own good

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