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Future meets past and East meets West in Google Glass film

Short film shot by SCA students and faculty is a thank-you note to mom

More than 2.5 million people have made SEEDS a viral sensation on YouTube. USC School of Cinematic Arts alumni and faculty partnered with the Google Glass Creative Collective to create the short film, which was shot entirely on Google Glass.

SEEDS director Aneesh Chaganty, who graduated in 2013 from SCA with a film and television production degree, came up with the story to address concerns people had with Google Glass, without overtly addressing them in the video.

“Most people associate Glass with very cold, futuristic, very droidian, robotic; a picture of a cold future,” Chaganty said. But Chaganty paid homage to both the future and the past in his story.

Glass technology was new to the team, but team members used it to practice the skills they learned at USC. “Every stage of SEEDS has USC written all over it,” producer Sev Ohanian said. “The way we were meeting together, coming up with ideas and identifying challenges and solving them were all those skills we learned in the classroom and at times it felt like we were right back in the classroom because the process was very rushed, as classes often are. As unique as the project was, from beginning to end, it just felt like a further extension of all the skills we learned in the USC classroom applied on a global level.”

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Future meets past and East meets West in Google Glass film

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