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A ‘Supercomputer’ Comes to USC

CIO Jerry D. Campbell

USC will soon have a new “supercomputer,” a cluster of 128 microprocessors working together.

A Center for High Performance Computing and Communication, formed by Information Services and the Information Sciences Institute, will work with faculty and students to use the new machine for education and research.

USC’s Chief Information Officer Jerry D. Campbell said the center “provides us with an opportunity to capitalize on the assets and expertise of two strong organizations to provide superlative high-performance computational capability for our academic mission.”

Using high-speed data connections, the new computer will support work on the University Park campus, Health Sciences campus and at ISI’s Marina del Rey facility.

Campbell said a faculty advisory panel will provide input for the new center as the latter evolves.

“The center will establish a focal point for the USC research computing community and provide the necessary support for this community to thrive,” said John A. Silvester, vice provost for scholarly technology. “We see the center as an indispensable resource in implementing the university’s strategic plan and a key element of the university’s portfolio of capabilities. It will enhance USC’s attractiveness in recruiting and retaining faculty and students across many disciplines.”

Researchers interested in using the machine can contact Kay D. Ferdinandsen at (213) 740-3033 or

A ‘Supercomputer’ Comes to USC

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