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A message from the chief of the Department of Public Safety


Dear USC students and parents:

Some of you have expressed understandable concern about safety after the death of USC graduate student Xinran Ji from an assault in North University Park in the early morning of July 24. Such concern is compounded by the fact that this is not the first tragic incident to affect our community in recent years.

The university and the Los Angeles Police Department together have significantly improved security on campus and in surrounding neighborhoods. I recognize that statistics provide little consolation when we lose one of our own. However, it is important that I remind you of the many resources available to students, particularly for those living near campus. These include a free campus cruiser service so that students do not have to walk alone, late-night shuttles, and the added security of more than 150 security cameras and dedicated LAPD patrols.

Unfortunately, tragic events of this kind can take place despite our best efforts, and our entire community is grieving the loss of our student. We will dedicate ourselves to the life and memory of Xinran Ji by redoubling our efforts to review and improve security in our neighborhood.


John Thomas

Chief, USC Department of Public Safety







John Thomas


A message from the chief of the Department of Public Safety

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