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USC Shoah Foundation, Comcast recall the Holocaust

Films airing on several platforms as part of new agreement

Liam Neeson and Ben Kingsley in Schindler's List (Photo/David James/Universal Pictures)

The USC Shoah Foundation and Comcast have reached a five-year partnership to annually bring the series “Days of Remembrance: PastForward” to Comcast Xfinity customers via On Demand through the Xfinity TV Go app and online.

Building on the success of the first USC Shoah Foundation/Comcast partnership in 2011, the communications company will carry films and features about the Holocaust at no cost for seven weeks through May 25 and in conjunction with the U.S. National Days of Remembrance (April 27-May 4), an annual commemoration of the Holocaust.

Each year, the series will feature a theme for the offerings. This year’s theme is “The Schindler’s List Legacy Series,” showcasing Schindler’s List, including an introduction by director Steven Spielberg. In addition to this Academy Award-winning film, documentary films and firsthand accounts from Holocaust survivors and witnesses will be available as part of the series, including:

  • Voices From the List: A documentary featuring interviews with 11 survivors saved by Oskar Schindler, adding a new dimension to the story.
  • Spotlight on Testimony: Full-length testimonies of additional people saved by Schindler that are a part of USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive.
  • Witnesses for the Future: True stories of extraordinary people risking themselves to save others facing genocide, including To Save a Life, Like Angels Sent From Heaven and Where Is My Home?
  • The Story of the USC Shoah Foundation: A look at how the USC Shoah Foundation began, as well as its current work.

“Reliving painful memories was not an easy choice for many of the people who gave their testimony,” USC Shoah Foundation Executive Director Stephen Smith said. “But as unwilling witnesses to one of the darkest chapters in history, they were keenly aware that their stories not only needed to be told, but shared with the world. Our partnership with Comcast will help make that happen.”

Comcast customers can find the content in the On Demand library by selecting the “specials” category and “Days of Remembrance.”

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USC Shoah Foundation, Comcast recall the Holocaust

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