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March Madness courts classical composers

Classical station presents KUSC Composers' Cup

Czech composer Antonin Dvorak is among the entrants in the KUSC competition.

Your NCAA basketball bracket sheet may be a disappointment, but you have another chance to fill out a pristine bracket with 32 hopefuls.

Starting March 31, Classical KUSC presents the KUSC Composers’ Cup, in which classical composers will go head-to-head every hour from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week.

On Monday, for example, it’s The Battle of the Neurotic Titans (Tchaikovsky vs. Mahler), The Scuffle in Scandinavia (Sibelius vs. Grieg) and New York, New York (Dvorak vs. Gershwin), among other matchups.

Listeners can vote online every day at As the week goes on, Southern California’s favorite classical composers will emerge. The winner of the event will be announced Friday at 4:30 p.m.

The bracket sheet is online, along with stat sheets for each of the composers. There’s even a printable version of the bracket.

“The promotion is meant to be fun for anyone who likes classical music, no sports knowledge required,” said Kelsey McConnell, KUSC assistant program director. “It’s also a creative way to learn more about classical composers.”

Will Stravinsky box out Vivaldi? Can Chopin wear down Liszt? Tune in to Classical KUSC (91.5 FM in Los Angeles and live streamed anywhere in the world at to find out.

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March Madness courts classical composers

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