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Dermatologist discusses science of cellular water at USC

Dermatologist and skin care manufacturer Howard Murad shares his theory of the science of cellular water. (USC Photo/Amy Hamaker)

Hydration is vital for a well-functioning body. USC faculty, staff and students had the opportunity to learn more about “the science of cellular water” by the originator of the concept, Howard Murad.

Murad, an associate clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, and CEO/founder of the skin care product company Murad Inc., visited the Health Sciences Campus to present “An Integrated Cellular Strategy for Optimizing Whole Body Health.”

Introduced by Marc Weigensberg, associate professor of clinical pediatrics and director of USC’s Institute of Integrative Health, Murad’s lecture focused on the concept of whole-body health and the skin’s connection to every system within the body.

“As a dermatologist, I have no acne patients,” Murad explained. “I have patients who have acne. It’s a difference in understanding a patient as a whole person, rather than as a disease. We tend to categorize patients rather than viewing them as a whole person.”

He also noted that the skin conditions he sees in his clinical practice are often symptoms related to comorbidities, including digestion, lack of energy, poor sleep and chronic disease.

Murad explained that his science of cellular water theory states that people go from a state of full hydration to a state of low hydration as they age, and that this change in condition affects cell health and regeneration.

“After reviewing more than 300 different theories of aging,” he said, “I found that all of them had to do with one thing: dehydration.”

Murad recommended a three-pronged approach to look better (using targeted topical skin care), live better (making careful choices of food and dietary supplements) and feel better (put yourself first and manage the impact of stress).

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Dermatologist discusses science of cellular water at USC

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