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Life is a game to incoming freshman

Ebonka Agboje enjoys video games that allow him to role-play. (USC Photo/Lillian Insalata)

Ebonka Agboje was just a toddler when video games caught his attention. By the time he was in elementary school, he was dreaming of a career in the video gaming industry. Now an incoming freshman majoring in computer science at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, Agboje hopes to bring those dreams to reality.

“I’ve always known I wanted to do game design — I have been very focused on that,” said Agboje, who took his first game design class in high school. “You can shape the outcome of a world or a series of events in a video game, unlike any other form of entertainment.”

Raised in Colleyville, Texas, Agboje enjoys playing games that allow him to role-play, and he always looks for ways to improve the games. He hopes his major emphasis in game development will help him accomplish that.

“In the role-playing game genre, you literally can put yourself in there, whether it be in the form of Sims or creating your own character,” he explained. “And though you never see their faces, you spend maybe two hours trying to craft them exactly as you want them.”

Agboje’s interests extend far beyond gaming. In high school, he was active in student government, serving as vice president and class secretary. He was also editor of the school newspaper, a member of the tennis team, a peer mentor and a national honor society member. He even got some business experience when he started sorting mail at his dad’s contracting firm and worked his way up to helping write bid documents.

Agboje, the youngest of two children, said he’s ready for USC and the long drive from Texas to Los Angeles.

“Attending orientation alleviated any minor fears I had,” Agboje said. “USC was my top choice, and I’m very fortunate that it worked out.”

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Life is a game to incoming freshman

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