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The legend of #USCQUEST

Let the #USCQUEST scavenger hunt begin on Aug. 21. It’s fitting as that is also the first day of an academic odyssey for the class of 2017, the most selective in USC’s history.

As freshmen move in to their new residence halls, #USCQUEST introduces them — and other members of the Trojan Family — to life on the University Park Campus, where  Trojan treasures have been hidden at seven locations.

Follow the riddles posted on USC social media accounts — Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest — and take a selfie at each of the seven subjects across campus.

Entries, which are due by Sept. 3, must be uploaded onto Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest with the hashtag #USCQUEST to be valid.

Upon completion of the tasks, ping USC social media for verification. Those who complete #USCQUEST are entered into a raffle for premium prizes. Uncover the secret locations on the first day by navigating each USC social media channel — each one focuses on a different location — and you’ll get your pick of the loot.

Winners, who will be notified through the social media account where their entries were posted, are responsible for picking up their own rewards.

The scavenger hunt is open to all members of the Trojan Family, and collaboration is encouraged.

The answers to #USCQUEST will be unveiled on Sept. 4.

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The legend of #USCQUEST

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