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Guggenheim: Five faculty named 2001 fellows

Three faculty from the USC College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and two from the USC School of Fine Arts were named 2001 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellows.

The foundation offers research fellowships to further the development of artists and scholars. There were 183 Fellows chosen from 2,728 applicants.

Fellows from the College, and their fields of study are:

Christopher H. Boehm (social sciences), professor of anthropology and director of USC’s Jane Goodall Center. He is writing a book on the evolution of conflict resolution, based on studies of African great apes and human hunter-gatherers

Margaret Russett (English literature), associate professor of English, for a project entitled “Romantic Reverie: Literature and Abstraction in Early 19th-Century Britain.” Russett has also been awarded a 2001-2002 Fulbright travel award and plans to spend a semester of the upcoming year teaching in Istanbul, turkey.

Hilary M. Schor (English literature), professor of English, for research in the areas of Victorian literature and feminist theory and a project titled “Women, fiction, and the subject of realism.”

“Our faculty are making a name for themselves among the top scholars in their fields,” said Joseph Aoun, Anna H. Bing Professor and Dean of the College. “We have been increasingly successful in important national competitions such as the Guggenheim. This reflects the excellence of the faculty in the College.”

Fellows from the School of Fine Arts are:

Robbert Flick (photography), professor, to continue the process of documenting and constructing visual pieces that explore and visually trace the shifting demographics of Southern California. He videotapes portions of the city from a moving vehicle in continuous sweeps, and his work is then presented in large-scale printed form and as quicktime video.

Sharon Lockhart (film), an assistant professor who just recently joined the faculty, is working on a film about her work as an artist.

“We’re delighted that two faculty received very prestigious Guggenheim Fellowships,” said Ruth Weisberg, dean of the School of Fine Arts. “This is a great distinction … and supports our belief that our photography area is among the best in the country.

Guggenheim: Five faculty named 2001 fellows

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