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Keck School gift bridges business and medicine

Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School visits with Keck School of Medicine of USC faculty to discuss the development of a business of medicine curricula. (Photo/Amy Hamaker)

As more provisions of the Affordable Care Act become active, the business of medicine will need to change to accommodate them. Thanks to a $125,000 gift to the Keck School of Medicine of USC from Jerrilyn and Steven Nagelberg, medical students will be better prepared for the realities of medical practice in today’s world.

The business of medicine is a familiar topic for Steven Nagelberg, a spine surgeon who received his Executive MBA degree from USC in 2009.

“To succeed in the changing health care environment, today’s leaders in medicine must blend the business savvy of a CEO with the knowledge and compassion of a top-notch care giver,” said Nagelberg, who believes that information on successful business practices is essential for aspiring physicians. “Without education in health policy and the health care system, physicians are missing critical tools in their professional toolbox.”

The gift will establish the Nagelberg Business of Medicine Fund to support the development of a core business of medicine curriculum. The funds will help underwrite a faculty stipend, curriculum development and administrative costs associated with creating and offering the program.

The administration hopes that this new curriculum will provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of business and the practice of medicine. The couple’s daughter, Jodi, a second-year medical student at the Keck School, will experience the benefits of this curriculum enhancement.

As part of the development process, Michael Porter, Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at the Harvard Business School, visited the Health Sciences Campus, where he met with students and faculty on Oct. 11. Porter has experience developing business of medicine curricula designed for use at universities, medical schools and professional education programs for health professionals.

Porter met with Keck School faculty to discuss new business models for the medical profession and how that might fit into a curriculum at the university. Later that day, he gave a lecture on value-based health care delivery.

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Keck School gift bridges business and medicine

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