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Geragos fulfills his dream of becoming student body president

Michael Geragos, Undergraduate Student Government president (Photo/Nathan Carter)

Being elected Undergraduate Student Government (USG) president has been a natural progression for Michael Geragos, a third-generation Trojan who became involved in student government in the second grade.

“I’ve been coming to USC since I was an infant because both of my parents, my grandfather and my sister went here, but I don’t think I really understood what it meant to be part of the Trojan Family until I actually was a student here,” said Geragos, who took office in April. “Seeing how the campus embraced me made me want to give back to the school as much as possible.”

During his freshman year, Geragos joined USG as a senator aid and has held positions as greek senator, senate speaker and director of university affairs. Now a senior, Geragos has fulfilled his dream of becoming student body president. He described the two-week campaign period as both fun and stressful.

“Every time I sat down to take a break, I always thought there was one more thing I could be doing or one more person I could be talking to,” he said. “It was difficult to balance that and still go to school and maintain my sanity.”

Geragos didn’t waste any time getting to work on his campaign platform goals, which included an update of Web Registration, allowing students to search for classes by professors, times and dates; expanding shuttle service between Los Angeles International Airport and campus during school breaks; and making re-entry into USC football games possible for students. In addition, he acts as the liaison between campus administrators and students. His top priority: making sure student government runs smoothly.

“I don’t think you can really be prepared for it,” explained Geragos, a policy, planning and development major with a minor in business law. “I understood that there would be work, but defining my legacy and role has been the hardest part. Another challenge is balancing everybody’s interests and voices because 100 percent of students are not going to agree on everything.”

A native of Northridge, Calif., Geragos enjoys working with his peers, learning how the university functions, meeting with student groups and serving as the students’ voice when meeting with administrators.

“I love being in the student government office with my peers,” he said. “I like fostering those relationships and creating new ones,” he said.

Geragos, who has a passion for cooking, spends his free time watching the Food Network.

“When the stresses and pressure get to me,” he said, “I escape it all through cooking.”

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