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Remembering Ying Wu

Jing Ye talks about her best friend, Ying Wu, at the Ying Wu and Ming Qu Memorial celebration on April 18 at the Shrine Auditorium. English and Chinese versions follow:

The dazzling sunlight of April 11 awakened me; I got up just like any other day.

I got on the Internet to surf for news. I was devastated as soon as I saw the location of this incident. I kept trying to convince myself that it couldn’t be you; how could it be you? We went to the info session yesterday, we were working out at Lyon Center, we bought strawberries for dinner and we made our promise to lose weight.

How could you leave me like this? I don’t dare to believe that this has actually happened. You are such a wonderful girl – how dare fate take you? You did not answer my call, you did not reply to my message on QQ (online chatting software). My mind blanked out like the unanswered call. Tears could not stop when I imagined you helpless in the coldness of the raining night. I don’t remember how long I cried before I finally realized the truth.

I have always believed when two people meet, it is designated by fate; not one minute earlier, not one second later, not one sentence more, not one sentence less. There is someone that you just simply wanted to be friends with, and this is fate. My dearest Ying, I want you to know that it is an honor for me to meet you, to get close to you and to become friends with you.

We’ve decided to take the same class this semester during the winter break; thus, we were always together. Every time, before the due date of a project, we would buy a lot of delicious food and a big cup of coffee to start an all-nighter. Although neither of us is very productive, when we saw each other’s dedication in studying, we would cheer each other up, and we would get through it together. Every time after we turned in our homework, we would always hang out and relax together. It was so joyful to eat delicious goods with you. You enjoyed studying so much that you were always working in the library, day and night. Others always referred to you as a seed planted in library. When a friend who was coming back from China asked what you would like, you said books. You loved reading, and you recommended the book What is History to me. You once said – how can someone not understand history?

Culture was the real fortune. You were interested in string theory. You wrote the beautiful words – “Hold the hands of time and say hi to the future. I wanted to hug the infinite possibilities under the wireless winding world line. Jump, absorb and radiate energy amongst different energy levels; to meet the best me inside of the cone of light.” I believe that your soul has traveled to the future, and you have become the best you. I believe that you have turned into the sunlight you’ve once loved, delivering light from the sky to us.

You were such a kind person, and so nice to your friends. When I caught a fever, you came to visit me. You insisted that I didn’t have enough blankets on me and added one more. You brought me a pot of rice soup with my favorite sweet potato the next day, even though you were weak and sick yourself.

You were very emotional, crying like a baby when watching touching movies. You said you watched Titanic last weekend; you told me that love is great, life is unpredictable and you cried so much. Thinking of your red eyes after crying, I wanted to say “ Silly kid, you were so nice, so lovely, but life is so unpredictable and unfair.”

You were an optimistic silly kid. You once said that sunshine would vaporize all worries. You would not give up or complain when facing challenges. After receiving an undesirable test result, you said that you would work even harder; you wanted to study programming after school. You loved life so much. You said that you should treasure time and fulfill life with meaning. You always woke up early in the morning, not willing to waste a single minute. You’ve booked your flight ticket on May 14th to return home. You were so excited about going home. You said that you were planning to go to the wedding of a friend. It would be your first time to join a friend’s wedding! You said that you were going to travel to Tibet to see the Potala Palace. You said that you were going to cook for your parents; they haven’t tried your cooking yet. You held the greatest hope for the future. You were joking about starting an IT company and hiring us to work for you. We all agreed to work for you and depend on you for the rest of our lives. But you left us forever.

Ying, we have witnessed the grandeur of the Grand Canyon; I will never forget your brave look when you were hugging the sky on the cliff. We have enjoyed the flower fields together. I will never forget your face, which is prettier and shinier than the ocean of flowers. We have the same white dress, the same pink wallet and same blue jacket. Both of us loved life and this beautiful world.

You were such a great person and you brought us happiness. Your departure has made us sorrowful. I will be strong, I will be positive, I will enjoy this world. I know this is what you want.

I will leave the tears for yesterday. I will use our memories to construct your pathway to the heaven. I will smile when facing the first sunshine in the morning. I believe that you would want to see me like this.

4月11日的早晨,被刺眼的阳光唤醒。我像往常一样起床,上网看新闻,可是与往常不同的是得知一个噩耗。看到案发地点,我瞬间就崩溃了,不断说服自己那不可能是你,怎么可能是你?我们昨天还一起去参加info session, 一起去lyon center健身,一起去买草莓当晚饭,一起信誓旦旦说要减肥……你怎么可能就这样离我而去了?我不敢相信这是真的。你是那么好的一个女孩,老天怎么忍心带走你?打你电话不接,qq给你留言也没有回,我的大脑就像电话那头的忙音一样茫然……想到无助娇小的你在寒冷的雨夜里,泪水就止不住留下来,也不知道哭了多久我终于接受了这个事实。



寒假的时候我们说好这学期上一样的课,于是这学期总是一起,每次交作业之前,我们会买一大堆好吃的,一大杯咖啡,然后开始熬夜。其实我们两个熬夜效率都不高,但是,看到彼此对学习的那份坚持,我们还是互相鼓励,坚持了下来。每次交完作业,我们一起去放松,一起去吃好吃的,那么开心。你是那样的爱学习——图书馆里总有你忙碌的身影,披星戴月。别人都说你是一颗种子,种在图书馆里的种子。同学回国,问你带什么东西,你说带些书吧。你爱看书,还推荐我看《历史是个什么玩意》。你说一个人怎么可以不懂历史呢?文化才是真正的财富。你对超弦论很感兴趣,你写过一段很美丽的文字—— “拉住时间的手, 和未来说HI.。我想在无线缠绕的世界线下,拥抱那无限的可能。在不同的能级之间跃迁、吸收、辐射能量!在光锥中与那个最好的自己相遇。” 我相信,你已经去了未来,做着最好的自己。我相信你一定化作你最爱的阳光,在天上照耀着我们。




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