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University Club members eye Sight Specific

University Club Members Eye Sight Specific
USC Fisher Museum docent Vanessa Jorion discusses the Sight Specific exhibition.

The USC University Club hosted a docent-led tour last month of the USC Fisher Museum’s current exhibition Sight Specific: LACPS and the Politics of Community, followed by a lunch in the museum.

A group of 20 University Club members and guests were treated to a tour led by Vanessa Jorion, the museum’s education and programs coordinator.

Curated by Tim B. Wride, Sight Specific explores the personalities, programs and impact of the Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies. The exhibition, which runs through April 7, will be structured with photo-documentation as well as video oral histories about the organization and the history of photography.

The tour group viewed a number of the exhibition’s photographs and was asked to think about what each photographer’s agenda may have been within the photo’s historical context, how photography was a nascent art form during the decades represented in the exhibition and what themes still resonate today.

The tour and lunch offered participating departments the opportunity to do some team-building outside the boardroom.

“It was a great opportunity for most of us who had not had yet visited the museum, and the tour was fantastic,” said Melissa Aparicio of Career and Protective Services.

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University Club members eye Sight Specific

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